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1. The necessary conditions for modern mass production

Standardization can standardize social production activities, standardize market behavior, lead economic and social development, promote the establishment of the best order, and promote the mutual coordination and cooperation of related products in technology. With the development of science and technology, the degree of socialization of production is higher and higher, the technical requirements are more and more complex, and the production cooperation is more and more extensive. Many industrial products and engineering construction often involve dozens, hundreds or even tens of thousands of enterprises, with cooperation points all over the world. Such a complex production combination objectively requires that production activities must be kept highly unified and coordinated technically. This must be through the formulation and implementation of many technical standards, working standards and management standards, make each production department and enterprise internal production links organically linked, in order to ensure the orderly conduct of production.

2. The basis of scientific management

Standardization is beneficial to realize scientific management and improve management efficiency. Modern production is about efficiency, and the connotation of efficiency is benefit. The premise for modern enterprises to implement automation and computerized management is standardization.

3. The need to adjust the product structure and industrial structure

Standardization can make rational use of resources, simplify production technology, realize interchange and combination, and create conditions for adjusting product structure and industrial structure.

4. The necessary means to expand the market

The purpose of production is to consume. Producers must develop the market if they want to find consumers. Standardization not only makes it possible to expand production scale and meet market demand, but also creates conditions for implementing after-sales service and expanding competition. What needs to be emphasized is that as the degree of socialization of production is getting higher and higher, the economic development of various countries and regions has been closely integrated with the global economy. Standards and standardization not only open the way for the world's integrated market, but also set the threshold for entering such a market.

5. Platform for Promoting Transformation of Science and Technology into Productivity

Science and technology is the first productive force, but before science and technology goes out of the laboratory, it only affects and functions in the field of science and technology. It is a potential productive force, not a real productive force. Only through a unified platform provided by technical standards can science and technology be quickly and quickly transferred to the production field and transformed into real productivity, thus producing due economic and social benefits. Standardization is closely related to scientific and technological progress. The two complement each other and promote each other. Standardization is an important "bridge" for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. Advanced scientific and technological achievements can be transformed into productive forces through standardization and promote social progress.

6. Bridges and ties to promote trade development

Standardization can enhance communication and understanding among countries in the world, eliminate technical barriers, and promote international economic and trade development and scientific, technological and cultural exchanges and cooperation. At present, the world has been integrated by highly developed information and trade. The trend of trade globalization and market integration is irresistible. The bridge and link that can really play a connecting role between various countries and regions is the technical standard. Only when the world organizes production and trade according to the same standard can market behavior play its due role in a wider range and a wider range, and the material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings can be shared by human beings worldwide.

7. Improve quality and protect safety

Standardization is conducive to stabilizing and improving the quality of products, projects and services, promoting enterprises to take the path of quality-benefit development, enhancing quality of enterprise and improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Protect human health, ensure personal and property safety, protect human ecological environment, and rationally utilize resources; Safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers. Technical standards are the main basis for measuring the quality of products. They not only specify the product performance, but also specify the product specifications, inspection methods, packaging, storage and transportation conditions, etc. The quality of the products can be guaranteed if the production is strictly carried out according to the standards, and the inspection, packaging, transportation and storage are carried out according to the standards. The standard level indicates the level of product quality. Without high-level standards, there will be no high-quality products.

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