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Aluminum Carabiner Screw Lock

Item: 7104B

Brand: JRSGS

Material: 7075 aluminum alloy

Breaking Load: ↔25↕7の7

Weight: 63g

Color: As your requirement


Detail Information

Carabiner Series 7104B


The material is made of 7075 aviation aluminum magnesium alloy, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, heat resistance and wear resistance, environmental protection, fashion, convenient carrying, etc.


The product hook body is developed into D shape, with uniform stress, safety and reliability. And comfortable grip, easy to operate。

3、Locking Design

The lock door is designed with anti-hook to prevent crochet hanging. When you try your best to reach the protection station, the anti-hook system is particularly important.


The nut adopts the anti-skid design, no slipping, smoother and safer.

5、Breaking Load

Through tension machine test, the breaking tension can reach 25KN, perfect to ensure daily needs, safe and reliable.


Mountaineering, expansion, rock climbing, cave exploration, power rescue, aerial work, hoisting, engineering protection

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